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How should wes send snail mail

What is Send By Post/Snail Mail and how does it work?

Send By Post or Snail Mail is mail that is not sent through the internet. Yes, that’s right! On real paper.

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With FreshBooks, you have the option of sending an invoice to your client by email or by post.

As soon as you click your “Send by Post” button, your invoice is printed and placed in a double-paned envelope along with a return envelope and sent directly to your client’s address via first class business mail within one business day. That’s right, you don’t have to print the invoice, buy envelopes or make runs to the post office.


Every time you send an invoice through Snail Mail, it will cost you one Stamp. This Stamp includes the price of printing, envelopes and postage to your client (return postage not included). When you first sign up for FreshBooks, we give you two free stamps to try it out. The cost of additional stamps is listed here:

A few things to note about Snail Mail:

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FreshBooks Snail Mail is sent through the United States Postal Service (USPS).
Invoices sent via FreshBooks are circulated through USPS the following business day.
International Snail Mail

You can send by post anywhere in the world through FreshBooks. The only difference is that two Stamps are needed for international (non-US or Canada) addresses.

Snail Mail Accidentally/Incorrectly Sent

If you accidentally or incorrectly send an invoice by post using FreshBooks, there might still be a way to stop the mail from being sent out. Please contact us immediately and we will do our best to assist you.
Snail mail is something that I love, and because of that I’ve found a large group of wonderful people who love it too! The thing is, we’re not really the “norm”. Most people don’t understand why we “still” send snail mail, and consider letter writing to be a “dying art”. Snail mail is a beautiful way to connect, express yourself, and let someone else know you’re thinking of them.
I’ve put together lists before of ways to find penpals and tips for using the postal service, but I’ve never really given you a reason to use snail mail! That changes today. I’ve made a list of one hundred occasions, reasons, etc. that you can have an excuse to send snail mail for! We’ll start off with the basic Hallmark Holidays, if you will, and then move into weirder, more specific stuff as the list grows

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